Divine Projects

Our Endeavour is to create a community of global education hub. World Knowledge Hub (WKH) is planned to provide higher education to all who deserve but cannot afford the contemporary high cost of higher education irrespective of caste, creed, and nations of origin.

Our divine project WKH also intends to create a generation of leaders worldwide who will subscribe to human values. When fully developed, the Hub will have 200,000 students from all over the world exchanging the knowledge, cultural values and history of the mankind to appreciate the rainbow of colors of the one source.

Additionally, WKH intends to provide necessary education, skills and lifestyle developments to over 1,000,000 students online who cannot come physically to campus each year to make a major push to alleviate the poverty. www.worldknowledgehub.com

Our affiliated Charity, Serve All, Help All, Inc., (SAHA) is IRS tax exempt charity. It is currently involved in educating distressed home owners with the help of volunteers. SAHA has provided meaningful support to hundreds of homeowners in last six years resulting into reductions in mortgage balances in the amount of $ 7,439,000+.

Our punished book “Fearless thinking, Stress-free living” is part of our endeavor to educate the humanity to how to achieve peaceful life while fully functioning in the modern society.


  • We strive to be a model institution of wisdom for the humanity.
  • If one needs education, it is our problem.
  • The cost of the education is relative to each individual and family as a unit. It cannot be the cost of education for the provider. The cost of an uneducated person to the society is more than the cost of educating a person.
  • A lack of education is not an individual problem but a societal one.
  • We do not educate the students to create merely an earning instrument but an instrumentality of health and happiness of the family and the humanity as a whole. It is a vital link in interconnectedness of the mass evolution-one person at a time.
  • We aggregate the knowledge to enhance and distribute it without confinements of caste, creed, race or national origin so that the contributors also become beneficiaries.
  • Our community is entire humanity.
  • Resources inside and outside of the earth are very precious. We support buyers, suppliers and staff who maintain and execute environmental friendly policies.
  • Our business ethics reflect the fairness to all, favoritism to none and responsible to mission.
  • Our belief is that if the knowledge is contained to few, it becomes obsolete. If the knowledge is contributed to other, contributors also become beneficiaries. It inspires higher standards, broad participation and vibrant cross leanings. The purpose of distribution is to gain more for all.