A Monarch fly and whale travel 3000
miles without GPS.Consciousness is not
limited to humans only.
The purpose of our input and endeavor is to include those who
cannot afford to join the process toward the perfection on their
own due to their pre-existing conditions.
Emotions are like waters. Stopping
them causes a flood. Directing them
creates a soothing river or an
infinite ocean.
As water takes the shapes and colors of its container our emotions
experience various feelings of the subject of experience.
Self-realization is a phantom
thought. Thinking of Self-
realization in future is even a
However, the Glory of GOD can be experienced everywhere on
the Earthly Plane. I this remember when I went to see the
Phantom of the Opera in Los Angeles.

One Truth

“Our prayers may differ in words and ways but they convey the same feelings. Our pilgrim places may differ in places and forms but they carry the same sanctity. Our morals may differ in phrases and styles but they preach the same message. Our religions may differ in symbols and names but they reveal the same meaning.”

(A stone carving at an entrance of a temple.)

Thought Of The Week!!!

War is a cry for the peace as jealousy is for love.

Peace rising from the heart spreads like an aroma in the air

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Question Of The Week!!!

Pay attention to what you avoid, and what you embrace?

What kind of shows do you prefer to see & Book do you like to read?

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Answer three questions:

Know- Who you are.

Think- Why you are what you
are. (Analysis)

Be- What you are really.



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