Love for Life

Love is the mother energy of everything including –yes including your stress and worries. Realize emotions like jealousy, hatred, annoyance or anger are the negative forms of love. It shows an absence of something that you do not have in present moment.

As love is the ultimate source of all energy, it expresses itself in infinite ways. Duality promises that whenever you experience negative energy, there is positive energy also thought it may be hidden.
Therefore, no matter what negativities you face, there is love to be found when you look beneath the surface. For example, there is an element love hiding behind jealousy. In anger, you will find love for either being right or something you love that you are not finding in other.
In greed, you will see love for money or some other material things. Now if you do not care for these subtle differences, God may help you, but my point is well served. These subtleties show that love is the basic structural energy of everything that your eyes can see, your mind can perceive, your intelligence can grasp, and your emotions can feel.

The more desperately you cling to your perceptions and beliefs, the harder this task will be. However, you must find the positive aspects in every problem or negative situation in order to be at peace. Remember that love and peace are two sides of the same coin; if you can find love, you will also find peace. I am not naïve enough to suggest that your problems will immediately vanish as if they were wiped away with the flick of a magic wand. While love is the greatest solution, it is also an extremely hard taskmaster. Sometimes, it mercilessly crucifies you until you are forced to face the truth of a situation or problem.

For example, if you find yourself unable to pay your bills, it may be love revealing the need for you to make drastic changes in various aspects of your life. Love will often present us with the opportunity to make necessary changes by forcing us into situations or events that are seemingly adverse.

Many times, the lesson you must learn is hidden away in the deep recesses of your mind. While the reason may not be immediately apparent to you, love has a purpose in everything. Therefore, if you refuse to change your superficial view of the problem, it will remain. This truth can be hard to swallow, especially if you have very hardened viewpoints.

(excerpts from “ Fearless Thinking, Stress-free living, Guaranteed (Almost) A life-changing solution for Peace and Happiness.}