Divine Living

Peaceful living is divine living. Infinite peace. Boundless love. This utopian world is a dream come true for all of us. It is possible only if you are ready to reverse your thinking. If you are in search of peace and happiness, stay with us:

If you are not willing to give up your viewpoints, concepts, or beliefs, etc., for the peace of your mind and still insistent upon being right all the time, you will be wasting your valuable time.

What I have written in the book “Fearless Thinking, Stress-free Living, Guaranteed (Almost) is not based upon other people’s opinions. Here is what worked for me, and if you apply the knowledge herein, it will work for you. I also do not have fast and easy solutions.

I do not claim that I discovered something new. It is ageless wisdom that I put it in a logical and practical way. Several times, I lost a fortune and made it back. Instead of writing a long thesis and making it a voluminous book, I intentionally made it smaller, as most persons do not retain most information after reading.

The letter format of this book is to directly touch your heart. This will challenge your traditional thinking, and dare you to try my approach. Neither is this a religious book nor propaganda for certain views. I do not need any testimonials to justify myself but I highly appreciate your feedback.

You must rely on your own guidance whether you deserve yourself peace of your mind or not. I just care whether this will help you or not. You own belief is none of my concern. It is you who will gain or lose.

“What I have narrated has worked for me. I have no stress whatsoever. My cholesterol level is 120 and my blood pressure is 110. I look 25 years younger than my age.

My prescription is reverse thinking and divine living on almost of all prevailing views on most points. Psychologists and psychiatrists can hate me, which is their problem, not mine.

More than 80 years have passed since Dale Carnegie wrote his famous treatise on stopping worrying. People still worry and are stressful. It did not work. I am on the opposite side of his views.

Want to know more?

Are you are searching for the questions like

1. How and why thoughts turn into worries? How to know the real nature of worries?
2. Do you know when thoughts do not exist?
3. What do you need to know to stop worrying? Why can use the breathing technique help you for a divine living?
4. What are the feeding grounds of worries?
5. What does energy have to do with your worries?
6. How to cut off feeder lines of worries?
7. How to handle fears of losing your job, home, or divorce, etc.?
8. How self-pity can ruin everything you have worked so hard to get?
9. What do you need to know when emotions are tearing you apart?
10. What are the benefits and positive aspects of negative situations?(Are you kidding me?)
11. How to forgive yourself and hold yourself blameless?
12. How and why nature forces the change?
13. Do you ever question – Why AM I in this situation?
14. Why ego matters in resolutions of issues?
15. How the ego will play with your emotions to make you unhappy and worried?
16. How do I tackle my ego?
17. How to see your situation objectively?
18. How to reduce your anger?
19. How do I remove my worries fast and easy like brain surgery?
20. How do I maintain equipoise in every situation?
21. How not to resist the facts but take necessary actions in spite of adversity?
22. How to go to the deepest level of your thoughts and change them for the divine living?

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