Inspirations For Everyone

Know that you are not at fault. Events happen due to multiple reasons. You are just one of the many instrumentalities. Duality guarantees a solution for every problem. May times unfortunate circumstances are nature’s way to force the change upon you to which you may be resisting.

Our memories have conditioned our minds to react to the thoughts, emotions, events, and people we encounter. I would go so far as to say that we consider it our right to react to anything and everything. Again, you must reverse your thinking. It is not necessary for you to react to anything.

But isn’t it your nature as a human being to react? How can you refrain from reacting? You can do this very easily when you know, understand and accept that events are beyond your control, and any judgment you hold that would classify an event as bad or good is based solely on your limited and conditioned viewpoints.

Because of the conditioning of the mind and the fact that any one person’s knowledge will be understandably limited, it is likely that they will judge events imperfectly, as their decisions are made within a limited sphere of knowledge. One of the most important factors in maintaining peace has to do with emotions. Everyone has emotions, but not everyone must remain a slave to them.

Many people are ruled by their tumultuous emotions, which can lead to serious predicaments. For example, very strong, negative emotions can send you into a bout of depression. Depression is the ultimate trap, blinding you to any and all escape routes. It lowers your self-esteem, cuts you off from the outside world, and can even lead to suicidal thoughts.

Inspirations & Emotions – both negative and positive – can cloud your judgment, causing thoughts, words, and actions that can affect your health, job performance, relationships, and so much more. Rather than being pulled in all directions by passing or conflicting emotions, the self-realized individual can master them by achieving equanimity.

In order to loosen the grip of emotions in your life, you must always remember that all feelings and circumstances are temporary. Everything can change in a day – or even a moment. Just as your judgments are imperfect, so are your emotions. You might feel very differently about a situation if you had all the information.

What might appear to be “bad” to your limited viewpoint could easily cause you sadness or lead to feelings of hopelessness and depression? However, if you knew the breadth of the situation, and the future impact it will have on your life, you might feel different.

Have you ever had someone give you “bad news” only to find that it has become “good news” a week or a month later? Every new moment brings change, so why allow your fleeting emotions over your present circumstances rule you when those circumstances are going to change?

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