(1) What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is the knowledge of your Being-ness-who you are. It begins where and when the attachment to the religion ends.

(2) Why spirituality is different than religion?

Spirituality concerns with your spirit. Religion concerns with your mind. Religion deals with beliefs, concepts and dogmas. Spirituality lets you know who you are. In the end, religion will lead you to spirituality. It will lead you beyond mind-ego construct.

(3) What is the difference between Image worship and Non-image worship?

Fluid nature of the mind needs an object to concentrate upon. Image worship provides you a basis for the devotion. Non-Image worship takes you beyond forms i.e. beyond mind. World is comprehended with the use of mind. In the end, image worshippers also come to see no-image or universal image everywhere. Non-image worshipers come to see universal image everywhere.

(4) How does Spirituality help me in my daily problems?

Your daily problems are subject matter of the mind. Spirituality first pacifies your mind and then takes you beyond your mind where the problems do not exist. Having said that, Know that going beyond mind provides you peace, relief from the stress. When mind is absolute quiet i.e. thought-free for a while, solutions appear from nowhere.

(5) Why do I have to suffer?

You do not have to. Suffering is from the mind. Mind judges right or wrong, likes and dislikes. You develop an attitude, viewpoints in accordance of these belief systems. Develop new perspective and your suffering will end.

(6) Why cannot I enjoy my life as I want?

Yes, you can enjoy your life without attachment. Since everything is changing constantly, whatever you are enjoying will also change. Just do not regret the end of your enjoyment. If you value lasting peace-joy-love, spirituality is the way,